[Signature] Mesh Avatar “Alice” Body Review

[Signature] Mesh Avatar "Alice" Body ReviewRalph Dirval of Nikotin fame has released a new female mesh body in his [Signature] Mesh Avatar line called Alice. The photo looks wonderful, so off I went to [Signature] Mesh Avatar’s and went back home to try the body on.  

[Signature] Mesh Avatar "Alice" Body Review

None of the skin tones matched my Glam Affair Jamaica skin tone, so I used the RGB values. I have been in SL for over 6 years, so I have a fair amount of experience matching skin tones using RGB values. When I plugged my RGB into the HUD, this is the color I got. 0.0[Signature] Mesh Avatar "Alice" Body Review

So, I lightened it up some (alot) using the slider and from here, it looks matched.

[Signature] Mesh Avatar "Alice" Body Review

As you can see on the neck, it isnt matched but this is as close as I could get it. For probably 4 years I matched my skintones perfectly since I am kinda OCD about that.[Signature] Mesh Avatar "Alice" Body ReviewOn to the breast area. I felt the breast were shaped a little funny. The breast are rounder with the nipples and areola stick out from the breast.[Signature] Mesh Avatar "Alice" Body Review

The hands are beautiful and elegantly formed. Not too big, not too small and the fingers are shaped and fall naturally.

[Signature] Mesh Avatar "Alice" Body Review The feet… The feet look more like default feet then mesh feet, maybe I’m spoiled by Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink. In this close-up, they don’t look too bad, but if you back away…Nods..Default feet.[Signature] Mesh Avatar "Alice" Body Review

There is also these weird bumps on the hips. I know the pelvis in RL causes a slight bump here, but this just looks weird to me.

[Signature] Mesh Avatar "Alice" Body Review Since the feet looked like default feet, I wanted to try my slinkies on with it. Bad news, the hands and feet are together so you would have to wear the hands and feet in the folder or slinky hands and feet. The Slink feet line up fairly well, but still has a line.[Signature] Mesh Avatar "Alice" Body Review

But the slink hands don’t match up at all, so you would have to wear the provided hands and feet and suffer with ugly feet. And that is something I won’t do.

[Signature] Mesh Avatar "Alice" Body Review

I think the HUDs speak for themselves. I used the very first tone in tone line 01 and it still wasn’t light enough for my jamaica skintone. I don’t feel there is enough slices in the alphas, especially in the breast are.

[Signature] Mesh Avatar "Alice" Body Review

As you can see, there’s only underwear and clothes layer’s along with gloves and socks layer’s.

I feel this mesh body is way too pricey at 3000L the way it is. It would need to be vastly improved for it to be worth spending that compared to other mesh bodies that are lower in cost.


[Signature] Mesh Avatar ~ Alice body ~ 3000L

Hand Add-on ~ 1500L


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