LOTD # 009

LOTD #009

ADDAMS! why you take mah money all time!!!…

To be fair, they weren’t the only designers in this round to take my lindens, though I wasn’t as liberal with my balance as I was at TMD. As always with MoM there are some great items, United colors jacket for one, looks great. I was just swayed by Addams Marlon leather jacket a little more, there are also a few accessories including the one I purchased – Nomads Rebel bracelet which comes in silver and a rusty bronze, it’s a well designed piece, chunky, manly, so don’t worry your testosterone levels won’t take a hit..even the star looks like you have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime to lift it, if having to be an Austrian body builder isn’t manly then pray tell, what is!?
LOTD #009

so, let’s get in to details once again, the Addams Marlon Leather comes as always with THAT hud, a choice of hoodies or T-shirts, which is a great addition they seem to be running most of their jackets with now. While the jacket itself may be single colour, unless you go fatpack and I rarely do with colour change options in the shirts and hoodies. If you purchased the bomber quilted jacket then you’re not going to be too surprised by the shirt and hoodie selection, so don’t expect something groundbreaking here. As usual, it’s well designed and looks..DAMN GOOD! I would like to see an addition added to the hud where possibly sleeve length could be changed, the Rebel bracelet is kinda pointless when it can’t be seen, so if we could roll the sleeves a little, I’d be happier, but that’s just nit picking and well, Austrian body builders..don’t nit pick. Girly man.

LOTD #009

As for Nomads Rebel bracelet, there isn’t much to be said that I haven’t already, it’s just a no frills design. No hud, no mess. It’s beautiful and will more than likely need to be stretched, I know, I know..manually stretched, oh the horror! Why didn’t Nomad just shoot you, would have been kinder..


Hair ~ Argrace ~ Peyton
Jacket ~ Addams ~ Marlon Leather Jacket w/T-shirt & hoodie @ MoM
Jeans ~ Bueno ~ Blu Lazy
Bracelet ~ Nomad ~ Rebel @ MoM

@ The vineyard at checkmate

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