Where everyone knows your name…Because it’s over your head. When I first went here, I loved the build and the DJ, but didn’t think Id go back. Fast forward a week, My husband says “Umm, I am hosting Friday. Me: you are? Him: at Shen’s. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather because well, we had talked about him hosting at other clubs. He didn’t want to.

Anyways, back to ShenanuganS. You land on a deck we nice decor along with the usual clubby things, schedule board, FB link, etc. You will also see a seating area at the landing point which should give you a clue to the owner’s citizenship. As you see the build is Trompe Loeil’s  Raleigh Wedding Barn, which I love. Once inside, you will also see seating area’s to just chill and listen to music if you don’t want to dance (which is another indication of citizenship). *sighs* I have always said I’m surrounded by damn nutty ass Brits.

Back to ShenaiganS, This is a new club geared toward the European residents. It’s owned by 3 of those nutty ass Brits, Lola Lykin, Lyndka (lyndka.cochrane), and Mina Cochrane (mina.delicioso). You get stuck in a room with those 3, my husband and several more brits, and throw in a few European’s and watch out cuz they raise the roof.

ShenaniganS also have theme sets. Friday the 22nd of May is Heros & Villains day with DJ Valky Oldrich And Tony. If you like good music, good convo’s and good friends, as my husband says “waddle on down to ShenaniganS”. We know your name….

 LM ~ ShenaniganS Music Cafe

Web ~ Cheese Dispensers

FB ~ ShenaniganS Music Cafe

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