League Does Lelutka

League Does Lelutka I am squealing about League Skins new release today.     I have loved some of league’s skins for ages, so when I received the note about a new skin specifically for Lelutka mesh heads, I had to run down at once. *sighs* I am in love with Milla! I tried Milla Sunkissed on my Lelutka Stella head, and I was really in love with her.   She comes in 2 different sets of makeup. You are basically purchasing 6 different looks for a little more than you pay for one makeup League skin. League Does Lelutka

As you can see, it would be hard to decide which set to purchase. Both sets are gorgeous, and I think Milla softens the look of my mesh head.

League Does Lelutka

I love the HUD, as you see you have the six eye makeups with all the brow colors (or no brow) plus six lipsticks. The makeup combinations are unlimited.


Mesh Head Applier ~ League ~ Milla

Mesh Head ~ Lelutka ~ Stella

Eyes ~ IKON ~ Hope series ~ Evening

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