LOTD # 008

LOTD # 008

If you’ve been following over the last couple of days, you’ll be aware that I purchased three items at this months TMD.

So here is the third, Addams bomber quilted jacket, with hoodie/shirt. Now, I have few favourite designers but Addams is definitely one, in fact a quarter of my inventory is made up of items from this designer, they’re the sole reason I end up at TMD and various other events. It’s like withdrawals from a drug, when I hear there’s a new Addams item then I’m there getting the hit and drooling about how good it feels to finally get another one, while handing Ali the mop so no one slips and bangs their head and I end up on some form of manslaughter charge; I wouldn’t do well in prison.

As always with Addams you get a well laid out HUD, user friendly and well, full of choice. If you go the fatpack route, and I see no reason aside from price, why you wouldn’t! You’ll get a choice of 8 coloured jackets, 8 shirts (which you also get should you go with a single purchase) and 8 hoodies, also part of a single purchase. Addams is my go to for quality, a lot of effort goes in to these designs and the building of it and it shows every time. Maybe they don’t deviate much over the course of releases and you get a run of similar jackets etc but each is different enough in my opinion to warrant another purchase, Apple doesn’t deviate with the Iphone, cause it works! Addams is making the smart choice and sticking with a winning formula, as they should.

This post was exclusively for the Addams jacket, but there is another new item in the pic, I won’t go too detailed here as the post is already beginning to become quite long and I’d like you to be awake at the end of it.

The necklace is new from Swallow – the friendship necklace, which consists of a heart locket (which i’m wearing) and a separate key, which is intricate in design. The HUD provided enables colours choices including, gold, bronze, silver and black and is beautiful! Despite the name “friendship” if you’re looking to be romantic, get two, let your partner wear the key and you take the heart, or vice versa! which I’m sure so many couples did, as Ali and I have. Go take a closer look at this latest release from Swallow here at Cosmopolitan room.


Hair ~ Argrace ~ Peyton

Jacket ~ Addams ~ Bomber quilted jacket @ TMD

Necklace ~ Swallow ~ Friendship heart and key necklace @ Cosmopolitan room

Jeans ~ Bueno ~ Blu lazy denim jeans

Sneakers ~ Think Fashion ~ Like Shox V2 

Hands & Feet ~ Slink ~

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