Rowne Mesh Head Review

Rowne Mesh Head Review I had high hopes for this mesh head when I saw the photo’s of it. I so wanted to love it.     I ran to the store and got the demo, I excitedly ran home with the demo, Took my Lelutka Stella head off and added the 20 spf, it was a little too light so I added the 25 spf head. Rowne Mesh Head Review

I was soooo disappointed. Let me first off talk about the Pro’s of this head.

    It comes with a fabulous HUD. You can change everything about the head, except the shape. You can change the nose, there are 7 different noses to pick from. There is 6 different shades of beauty marks, different shades of freckles,  3 different eyelids, different color eyes and without eyes.  The HUD also has a myriad of different make-ups, brows, lipsticks, lashes, and hair bases. And emotes which you’ll see below.

Now the Con’s. The eyes leave a lot to be desired, as you see in the top photo the head doesn’t fit well with your eyes. Next, I don’t feel it has a very feminine look. The head is kind of large for a smaller avie like mine. The skin isn’t as smooth as mine and out of the 7 nose shapes, they all look big to me. And the biggest drawback, after the eyes, I think is it isn’t applier ready.

Rowne Mesh Head Review

The HUD also has a few emotes in it. Which I’d love to see in the Lelutka heads soon.


Mesh Head ~ Rowne





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