LOTD # 007

LOTD #007

Ok here we go again!

Choice two of three at this months TMD round, there were many designers that I would have loved to purchase items from but this jacket was the toughest one that I elected to get. You get a choice of navy with red lining, black with grey lining, light khaki with olive lining and the one, after many minutes of debate, I settled on in the picture, olive with more olive lining. You can also wear this jacket with coloured t-shirts or..if you’ve got the body of a Greek god on a high protein diet (it is SL after all) then you can rock just the jacket, no tee, letting your 36 pack hang out and allowing your nipples some much needed fresh air.

 Ali accused me of being worse than a woman with my indecisiveness about this jacket, so I made a snap decision on what she approved of, which of course was the olive, she thinks it looks more authentic for it’s military styling and of the four choices, I agree. The navy and olive are definitely the more authentic colours for this style. I’ve been hard pressed to find a Gabriel release that I haven’t liked and the majority of releases have to be bought! I can say the same of Addams and Deadwool, it’s great to see mens fashion in SL get dedicated designers such as these that do great work, their effort is evident in every release. I thoroughly recommend you take a trip to at least TMD and see what’s on offer!


Tony is wearing:

Hair ~ Argrace ~ Peyton

Jacket ~ Gabriel ~ Military jacket 2015 @ TMD

Jeans ~ Redgrave ~ Tube Jeans

Necklace ~ Swallow~ Steampunk heart necklace

Boots ~ Lavarock creations ~ OI male boots

Hands & feet ~ Slink 

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