Lelutka Mesh Heads – 2nd Release

 Lelutka has released 3 more mesh heads, The first releases didn’t thrill me, I felt the eyes were akin to a pug that has been hit with a shovel, the eyes were too far apart and didn’t look natural. These new releases seem to have addressed that issue, they’re a huge improvement in my opinion.

LeLutka Mesh Heads - 2nd Release



   If I was to purchase one, I personally would be buying Karin, and this is just personal preference. Her facial features are much more what I look for, the lips are beautifully proportioned without pulling focus from the overall appearance. I still have a problem with the  half profile looking very flat. The full profile is gorgeous.


Hair ~ Truth ~ Neyeli ~ variety

Earrings ~ Lazuri ~ DolceStella Set

Eyes ~ IKON ~ Hope Eyes ~ Field

Lelutka Mesh Heads ~ Karin, Lotte and Stella


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