Truth About League

          I have been a loyalist to Belleza ever since I found them almost 3 years ago. But, lately I have been bored and every where I look I see a variation of my avie. So, I went looking for a different creator *cringes*. LAQ has nice skins, I guess, but they are over used also, so skip them. My Biggest problem with skins is that creators forget there is a body connected to the face.

         I received a notice from League, which I always thought were more goth and flat looking, but decided to check them out. WOW, am I glad I did! The skins have come a long way since I checked them before. The newer ones have gorgeous faces and make-ups, they are beautifully detailed over the whole body also. I had a heck of a time deciding between Jen and Sia. Luckily,  I had a friend online to help me decide on Sia.

I’m being long winded here, so I’ll hush and show you.

Ali's new look

League – Sia – Suntan – SmokyRose (not free) –

Ibanez Eyes – SmoothGlow – Palm Frond (not free) –

Hair – Truth – Evelyn – Mahogany (not free) –

Lashes – Sexy Freebies – Lashes Full ($0L) –

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