Lusting For Corset’s

Here are a few more of my finds from the Corset Lust Hunt. This hunt run from August 1 through August 14th.

.corsetlust_Nightplay - CLH Diamonds

Nightplay – CLH Diamonds Gown. I love the way this gown floats around me.

.corsetlust_Flamin'Hell - Corset and studded jeans

Flamin’Hell – Corset and studded jeans

.corsetlust_Shantal - Chicka Dress

Shantal – Chicka Dress

.corsetlust_Voltai - Argentum Blue

Voltai – Argentum Blue. This is a great roleplay dress. The little bird on my shoulder even comes with the outfit.

.corsetlust_Dream Things - Nissa

Dream Things – Nissa. This is a fun little tutu dress and comes with a top hat.

.corsetlust_Riverdog - Barbi Goes Baroque

Riverdog – Barbi Goes Baroque. I don’t normally care much for pink, but I do like this dress. The textures are very nicely done.

.corsetlust_Nefarious! - Corset Crimson

Nefarious! – Corset Crimson. This is my favorite of this set of outfits.


Nightplay – CLH Diamonds –

Flamin’Hell – Corset and studded jeans –

Shantal – Chicka Dress –

Voltai – Argentum Blue –

Dream Things – Nissa –

Riverdog – Barbi Goes Baroque –

Nefarious! – Corset Crimson –

HOC Industries – Noir Stilettos (not free) –

CaTwA – Marwa Hair (not free) –

Basic Avie:

Skin – Belleza – Elle – Tan tone – Group gift (Group Join $250L) –

Eyes – MADesigns/KMADD in Lake Ink- FabFree gift – FabFree Headquarter’s ($0L) –

Lashes – Sexy Freebies – Lashes Full ($0L) –

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