Vero Modero Re-Opens

Vero Modero has reopened and they have a reopening gift out. Carson blogged the mens, now I’m going to show you the women’s.

.veromodero_Reopening gift

The reopening gift from Vero Modero consists of shorts, top, sweater tied around your shoulders, hoop earrings, ballerina shoes and belt. Also included is a shape, skin, eyes and lashes. This is another great complete avatar.

.veromodero_Reopening gift

I love the makeup on this skin and the lashes are full and lush. My hair is Lelutka’s Rush. It’s a subscribe-o-matic gift. The head band is color change.

.veromodero_July Group Gift

Vero Modero’s July Group Gift is a bikini with a sarong, ballerina shoes, bracelets, hoop earrings, sunglasses, a big floppy hat (not shown) and a beach ball (not shown).

.veromodero_June Group Gift

The June Group Gift from Vero Modero is almost a complete avatar. It consists of shape, skin, jeans, top, belt, boots and a cap (not shown).

.veromodero_June Group Gift

The skin in the June gift is a very sweet skin.


Vero Modero:

Reopening Group Gift ($0L)

July Group Gift ($0L)

June Group Gift ($0L)

LeLutka – Rush Hair – Subscribe-o-matic Gift ($0L) –


Ploom – not free –

Magnifique Poses – not free –

flasher – Closed?

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