Skins and More Skins

.(RED)MINT - goblin Skin - Group Gift ($0L)

(RED)MINT has released the goblin skin and they are giving one away as a group gift. It comes with the skin, cleavage tattoo, eyebrow shaper, hide fingernail gloves and manicure nail.

.(RED)MINT - goblin Skin - Group Gift ($0L), [69] - MIA - Store Gift Hair ($0L)

The group gift skin is freckly and closed lips. My hair is from [69] and is a new store gift called MIA. The snake bite lip piercing is from ni.ju and is the izm. mall gift.

.Chain and Vine - Wine and Olive outfit , LAEL ii Skins

Chain and Vine has this Wine and Olive outfit in the group notices. I love the colors and the style of this skirt outfit. It also comes with a bikini bottom. This can be located in the group notices. It came out on July 24th, so you still have time to get it.

.Chain and Vine - LAEL ii Skins

While I was rooting around in Chain and Vines group Notices I saw LAEL ii Group gift #2, so I opened it. I found the most gorgeous skins in it. LAEL ii is a very detailed skin and the group gift skin comes in 4 different skin tones.

.Chain and Vine - LAEL ii Skins

LAEL ii group gift from Chain and Vines has these 4 skin tones and all 4 come with , light, dark and red eyebrows


(RED)MINT – goblin Skin – Group Gift ($0L) –

Little Secrets Bikini Shop – Little Hearts Bikini – Dollarbue ($1L) –

ni.ju – Snake Bites lip piercing – izm. mall gift ($0L) –

Chain and Vine:
Wine and Olive outfit – Group Notices Gift ($0L)

LAEL ii Skins – Group Notices Gift ($0L)

[69] – MIA – Store Gift Hair ($0L) –


Dare – ($1L) –

Lauria – Previous hunt/not free –

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