Long Tainted Weekend

OOooow, shiney things are on the Midnight Mania Boards at Tainted Designs. These were on the MM boards over the weekend, but Pale has decided to put them on it again since they locked down so fast. One catch, Pale has also raised the number from 75 to 150 to lock it down. I predict these will lock down early, so hurry to slap it. Also on the Midnight Mania Board is a $250L Gift Card, don’t forget to slap that board too!

.tainted_Leather - VS - Lace , Purple

Leather~~VS~~Lace will be one of the gifts in Tainted Designs Midnight Mani boards on either Monday and Tuesday. It’s a cute little skirt and top outfit and it comes with a necklace, star tattoo and the shoes. The heels come with a HUD to change skin AND shoe color so you can wear these heels with just about any outfit you own.

.Tainted_Love Boots - Fatpack

WOW! The name of these boots says it all. Love~~Boots. When I put these babies on I knew I had fallen. You will definitely be seeing these in posts quite often. These are another gift on the Midnight Mania board at Tainted Designs and a fatpack at that. You have to go both nights, I’m telling ya.


Tainted Designs :

Leather~~VS~~Lace – Purple – Midnight Mania Board ($0L)

Love~~Boots – Fatpack – Midnight Mania Board ($0L)



LITHIUM – [L+U] Photostudio 002 – Group Gift ($0L) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bellflower%20Island/216/224/1506

exposuer – SLuicideGirls Group Gift ($0L) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zion/147/137/22

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