More Darkness Behind Closed Doors Hunt

Shooo, I’m almost finished with this hunt, and am I ever glad. This has been the longest hunt it seems like, but I’m loving the gifts.


Monochrome‘s Barely There Dress. The butterfly tattoo came from the sexy swagger lace top & jeans I blogged here.


Devine Beauty’s The Flaunt


Behind Closed Doors by Naughty Naughty


Cross Halter Gown by Dani’s


Purple Lingerie by Dark Water Design


Red Heart Dress by Karma Kreations

Monochrome – Barely There Dress – DBCD Hunt ($0L) –

Sexy Swagger – Laced Top & jeans  (tattoo) – DBCD Hunt ($0L) –

Devine Beauty – The Flaunt – DBCD Hunt ($0L) –

Naughty Naughty – Behind Closed Doors – DBCD Hunt ($0L) –

Dani’s – Cross Halter Gown – DBCD Hunt ($0L) –

Dark Water Design – Purple Lingerie – DBCD Hunt ($0L) –

Karma Kreations – Red Heart Dress – DBCD Hunt ($0L) –

Long Awkward Pose  (not free) –

Glitterati – The Rack – Past Gift (not free) –

B&G – Boto Sendra (not free) –

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